FAQ About Radon Testing


Question: My neighbor tested for radon and it came back very low. Should I still test?

Answer: YES, Accuradon has tested properties right next to each other with very similar layouts. We had one measure 1.0 and the other measure 10.3. Anything measuring over 4.0 should be mitigated.


Question: I don’t have a basement, do I need to check for radon?

Answer: YES, you have no idea whether or not you have radon without testing. Accuradon has tested properties without a basement and have had measurements come out to 2 and 3 times over acceptable levels.

Question: WHAT IS RADON?

Answer: Radon Is Cancer-Causing, Radioactive Gas

The U.S. surgeon general, American Lung Association, World Health Organization, and many others have warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer today.
  You Can’t see it, smell or taste it, but radon is estimated to cause well over 20,000 deaths each year (that’s more deaths than from Melanoma or drunk driving). When you breath in radon gas over a period of time you can get lung cancer. The more radon you are exposed to, and longer the exposure, the greater the risk of eventually developing lung cancer.
        At Accuradon, Our mission is to provide an honest, unbiased, and detailed evaluation of homes, buildings, and properties, by applying the most current and educated information of building evaluations and abiding by the national standards for the purpose of serving and protecting our clients health and safety, as well as their financial investment. That is why we believe in providing our clients with the most Accurate and Timely Radon Testing Services available. Accuradon provides affordable, accurate, and immediate radon testing while putting strong ethics and high quality customer service first!  They use high quality testing equipment to ensure the most accurate testing results and they understand that when you call, you may be in need of the quickest results possible. Proudly serving Bloomington, Normal, Pontiac, Fairbury, Dwight, Streator, and El Paso and the rest of Central Illinois since 2014.
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