Waiting to test for radon until you sell your home. Pic by John Cerda (Accuradon Immediate Radon Testing LLC).


So you are buying a home, and all of a sudden, you are concerned about the dangers of radon and feel the need to test.

Were you concerned about testing your previous home?

What have you been waiting for?

Well apparently we are waiting for somebody to tell us that we need to get it done. At the moment, it appears to be pushed a little more by some mortgage lenders. Its only a matter of time before all banks are on board with the requirement to test for radon. Perhaps this is what may be needed for our own safety. After all, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

Lack of information is all too common with radon. Unfortunately, the IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency) does not spend enough money on advertising this issue. The IEMA hopes that by having real estate professionals hand out radon pamphlets during the selling and buying process of a home can get the information passed along. By this time, you may have been living in a home with elevated radon levels for many years.

Radon myths, and information from some uninformed real estate professionals can lead to the lack of testing. Crawlspaces is a popular one. You might hear somebody say that they had a crawlspace so they were told they did not need to test for radon. It does not matter if you have a crawlspace or a basement. Let me tell you about a testing situation I just encountered in Chenoa Illinois. I tested two homes right next to each other. Both had crawlspaces. Both homes had a very similar layout. The first home I tested had radon levels that tested at 9.9 Picocuries. Keep in mind that both the EPA and IEMA recommend anything over 4.0 Picocuries be mitigated. The second home, which was done within two weeks of the first test, measured 1.3 picocuries.

According to EPA assessments, Eighteen out of a thousand non-smokers living with 9.9 picocuries could end up with lung cancer. If you are a smoker living in the same situation, your chances rise drastically. Its most likely that 150 out of 1000 smokers living with 9.9 picocuries would end up with lung cancer.

Radon damages your lungs. The more often you breathe in radon, the higher your chances are of getting lung cancer. Keep this in mind because children breathe in and out more often than adults. Nobody can judge just how much radon is in a home by simply looking at the structure. Radon does not care if you have a crawlspace, basement, or if you are a child or an adult.

Radon is repairable. Average mitigation cost typically ranges between $1500 and $2000. Central Illinois does have several licensed mitigation professionals in the area. Radon testing typically cost anywhere from $100 to $200 in Central Illinois. For more information on radon testing in Central Illinois you can reach me, John Cerda at 309-275-6755. The State of Illinois radon hotline can also be reached at 800-325-1245.







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