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AccuRadon Immediate Radon Testing LLC is a certified radon testing company that serves Bloomington, Normal, Pontiac, Chenoa, Streator, Clinton, Dwight, Kankakee, Metamora, Fairbury, El Paso, and all areas in between. We have been radon testing since 2014. The owner of AccuRadon, John Cerda, grew up in Central Illinois and insist on instilling a quality driven work ethic and strong performance into all members of his company. Our company has committed itself to achieving a strong customer satisfaction rate and will continue to pass along this wonderful service for years to come.


AccuRadon will always provide accurate and immediate radon testing while putting strong ethics and high quality customer service first! Continuous improvement and promoting radon awareness will always be maintained. We wanted to create a company that would have a positive impact on peoples lives. That is why we chose to get into radon testing, and that is why I created AccuRadon!


The only way to know if your radon levels are high to test. Over 40% of the homes tested in Illinois have had elevated levels of radon. Spreading the word on the dangers of radon is why we got into testing. There have been way too many instances when somebody has contacted us to test and realized they were living in levels that were harmful. Please give a radon professional a call and get your test scheduled today!


AccuRadon uses high quality equipment to ensure the most accurate results!  We are always within compliance with all regulated calibration requirements. Here at Accuradon, we know that when you call, you may be in need of the quickest results possible.  We do this without sacrificing quality. It does not matter how late in the day, if you need to order a test, somebody will answer the phone. Call us 7 days a week! We also work together with home inspectors to coordinate setup times.

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